Mobilizing your Manufacturing Plant

Lately, I have been discussing with several manufacturing companies the Roadmap they have for mobilizing their manufacturing plants. It is very common even today, when we find mobility ubiquitous, that manufacturing plants are still using paper and manual processes. There is a tremendous opportunity to build mobile applications that will give worker in the plant or the warehouse access to real-time information to increase their productivity. Here are some ideas:

Maintenance: Plants have lots of equipment that needs to be kept running to ensure plant uptime and production. There are also regulations and compliance needs that call for preventive maintenance. And, yes, when a part is broken, it needs to be fixed. One Use Case that is Perfect for mobile apps is Inspections.

Inspections: Workers have to inspect equipment sometimes, daily, weekly, monthly etc. They need to record the measuring points. If measurements are out of range, alerts need to be sent. Trends need to be captured and charts viewed to detect problems before the equipment breaks down. If repairs are needed, notifications need to be created. Data needs to be exchanged with backend systems like SAP Plant Maintenance, Maximo, Oracle, and others.

Repair: When the worker is out there in the plant doing repairs, he or she needs to check the Bill of Material, identify and locate spare parts, look up Operating Procedures, and enter their time and material so that the costs can be captured against the work order or equipment. All this is a perfect scenario to introduce mobile applications to empower the maintenance worker.

In the past, plants have used technology for mobile data entry. They have used scanners with small screens that are very user unfriendly. The presence of tablets that can be ruggedized present another opportunity for manufacturing companies to refresh their mobile initiatives, and benefit from this golden era of mobility.

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Unvired CRM for SAP CRM

We have released our first version of Unvired CRM for SAP on iPad today. Unvired CRM on iPad brings SAP CRM to the iPad. Unvired CRM enables sales executives to improve customer engagement, increase sales and boost productivity.

Sales executives can get timely information about their customers on the iPad, use the maps to locate the customers and plan their visits. The product catalog can be used to share product information with customers. Leads, opportunities and activities are pushed to the iPad so that the sales executives can follow up with customers effectively.

In an event or during a regular customer visit capture leads, opportunities and activities seamlessly on the iPad and assign it to your colleagues for follow up. Don’t wait till the event is over to organize the business cards, recollect the conversations and then enter the leads and opportunities into the SAP system.

Organize your activities like tasks, meetings, phone calls and emails ensuring that every piece of information about the sales is captured for immediate and future reference.

Unvired CRM for SAP CRM is based on the powerful Unvired Mobile Platform that runs both on the cloud and on-premise. You can try this application with your SAP CRM system and your iPad in less than a day by signing up for a free trial!

Unvired CRM can also be tried in a demo mode without SAP CRM connectivity by downloading it from the online app store.

Empower. Engage. Win.

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Unvired Mobile Platform: FTP Adapter

Unvired Mobile Platform (UMP) has added a new connector to support files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Now mobile applications can get files as attachments from an FTP source. This is an addition to the attachment service offered in the platform to transfer files to and from the mobile device.

Example Use:

A medical equipment company has released a new set of products and newer models of the existing products. New sales drive is planned where the sales executives visit the customers to show the latest products. All the latest product collateral is organized in a file server based on product categories. Using the Unvired solution the updates to the files can either be pushed to the sales executives’ iPad. Or the sales executives can get the latest product collateral on-demand from the Unvired iPad application. Sales executives can use the latest product collateral in the customer meetings and forward the product collateral to the customers from the Unvired mobile app. Sales executives get access to all the required information on the iPad seamlessly without any fuss.

How it works:

FTP servers can be configured as source systems in the UMP. UMP facilitates the transfer of files between the mobile applications and the FTP server without bothering the mobile application about the technical details. The mobile application will just receive the required attachments and upload the attachments to UMP using the standard UMP attachment service.


The following features are supported in the UMP FTP adapter:

  • List – List the directory and files to navigate the files
  • Get – Get the file
  • Upload – Upload a file
  • Delete – Delete the file
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On-Premise trial of Unvired Mobile Platform in 15 minutes flat

Unvired Mobile Platform trials were primarily available via the Unvired Mobile Cloud. We are now offering on-premise evaluations of the Unvired platform also starting immediately. Read on to get the details.

We have now simplified On-premise evaluation and you can have your own trial instance of UMP running within your landscape in 15 minutes flat. The process is extremely simple. Apply for an on-premise trial and receive a virtual image and trial provisioning guide along with the trial license.

The UMO virtual image can be run within Oracle Virtual Box ( If you have a commercial license of VMWare Player ( the virtual image can be used within that also. Once the virtual image is imported and started, the entire process of viewing the data on your mobile devices should not take more than 15 minutes.

Sounds too good to be true? Submit your request for a free on-premise trial here and test drive the best mobile platform for enterprises.

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Unvired Mobile Platform: Database Connector

We have added a new enterprise connector to the Unvired Mobile Platform to connect to databases directly. The database connector can be used to build mobile applications where the database is the enterprise backend.

Unvired Mobile Platform allows the incremental addition of enterprise connectors and already supports the following connectors.

  • Native SAP (RFCs, and BAPIs) connector
  • connector
  • Web service connector – SOAP and REST
  • Active directory connector – Microsoft, etc.
  • See the full list of connectors here under ‘Enterprise Systems’.


Database connector enhances the capability of the Unvired Mobile Platform to connect to backend systems that do not expose any interfaces to the outside world. Ex: Closed systems built in proprietary languages, legacy systems, etc.

Customers do not have to depend on their enterprise software vendors to help them expose the data through programming interfaces. Using the Unvired database connector customers can deal with the data in the database directly.

Database connector can also be used with other enterprise connectors in the Unvired Mobile Platform to build composite applications that are based on multiple enterprise systems.

Databases Supported:

Unvired’s database connector supports the following databases currently and shall be extended to other databases.

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL

How it works:

The database connector allows application developers to work with Java objects (POJOs) instead of using raw SQL statements. Unvired Designer (plugin to Eclipse) helps with modeling the application and generating the source code in Java for all the database operations – select, insert, update and delete. Using the Unvired Designer data modeling can be achieved to map the data from tables into business entities/objects.


The database connector offers the following functionality:

  • Query – Query operations in the database
  • Insert, Modify and Delete – Data manipulation operations
  • Procedure – Execute stored procedures
  • Batch – Execute database operations in batches to bundle multiple operations in batches
  • Native – Execute any SQL statement. Useful for complex operations like nested statements, joins, etc. When the operation requires more native capability than the generated Java objects construct and use the SQL statements directly

We are releasing a few more enterprise connectors shortly. Watch this space for more information.

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