IT Help Desk Assistant

A Digital assistant that integrates with any helpdesk system to get and provide help from a chat/voice interface quickly

Relieve support personnel from mundane support tasks saving 1000s of support hours every year

Automate support tasks like password resets

Provide answers from machine learning enabled knowledge bases via the assistant

Report, get alerted and resolve issues/incidents easily


Sales Assistant

Interact with your sales / CRM system using text and voice

Get your day’s activities for the day while sipping your morning coffee

Reschedule your activities easily

Let your sales assistant update your contacts and create new accounts

At the end of a busy trade show let the sales assistant take care of your leads and opportunities in the CRM system

Customer Service Assistant

Chatbots can free up the time of Service agents so that they can resolve the more complex tasks, take up more Cases, and increase customer satisfaction

Mundane, repetitive tasks like ticket creation, data entry, and incident updates can be performed by chatbots 24/7 that increases agent productivity significantly

Agents can be alerted via Notifications when an event happens related to High Priority tickets. Managers can View Reports about ticket volumes and ticket resolution time trends

Chatbots can answer customer queries /FAQs with Machine Learning built-in that makes the responses more intelligent over time

Chatbots can help customers complete various interactions without the need for a human agent


SAP Assistant

Increase the value of your SAP investments by making it simpler for your employees to access SAP by using the Standard Chyme Intelligent Bot for SAP

Chatbots for SAP S/4 HANA, SAP ERP or the cloud applications like SAP Ariba, SAP Success Factors, and SAP Concur can Simplify Work

Chatbots for Sales, Approvals, HR and other processes

Your Own Digital Assistant

nullBuild a digital assistant to support any scenario

Engage with customers from social channels like Facebook


Improve productivity of your employees enabling text/voice-based interaction from enterprise messengers

Any Enterprise System

nullBots can connect to any Enterprise System such as SAP ECC, SAP S/4 HANA,,  ServiceNow, databases such as MSSQL and Oracle, and any SOAP or REST services such as Microsoft SharePoint

nullOut of the Box Connectors to SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, databases, and many other systems


Chyme supports Enterprise-level Security, Multiple Languages, Text to Speech, Speech to Text, Sentiment Analysis, Monitoring, and complete audit trails

Interaction Using Any Messenger And Voice Assistant

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