Paper Forms Disadvantages:

Most businesses require their workers to fill a lot of forms. These forms can be related to Safety, Health, Environment or other areas. These forms are still in a large part paper-based. There are several pain problems associated with filling paper forms:

Compliance: Workers could be using obsolete forms which is a compliance hazard.

Safety: Using outdated forms may result in executing wrong procedures that can lead to accidents.

Data Integrity: Frequently, forms are filled by workers in the field, and then data entered in systems by someone else. This can result in errors and inaccurate data. Data is not synced up with backend systems like SAP, Maximo and others that can result in sub-optimal decisions.

Audits: When data is on paper, it becomes very difficult to do audits, and are time-consuming.

Costs: Fines due to non-compliance and duplication of effort increase costs.

Reporting/Analytics: When data is on paper, it is very difficult to perform analytics, observe trends, and make good decisions.

Unvired Digital Forms:

Unvired’s digital forms mobile app allows for easy data entry from any mobile device—tablets or smartphones. We convert paper forms into electronic forms which can be deployed instantly from your wireless device to the field. Drop down lists, check boxes and automatic calculations allow your field workers to quickly capture information. With decision logic, your forms can be designed to guide workers through a defined workflow. The main features of digital forms include:

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows workers to view the forms, fill the data, save it, and send it to the target destination like SAP, SharePoint, database, or any other system.

Responsive Design

The forms are rendered keeping in mind the form factors of tablets and smartphones. We use Bootstrap or other frameworks for this. Forms can also be developed in the original layout if the form factor permits a good user experience.

Signatures and Pictures

With GPS tracking you can see where every job-related activity took place. Associate digital signatures for proof of service or delivery. Take before and after pictures, and draw directly onto an image to identify items or communicate thoughts.

Real-Time Insights

Visualize key performance indicators by utilizing the dashboard. With custom-made forms, reports and graphs, you will be able to view and understand information relevant to the current performance and history of your business and workforce.


Digital Forms app works offline, with auto sync when connectivity is restored

Admin Portal

Using Portal, admin can create forms, assign forms, and track usage.


The Forms are developed using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.


Printing of forms can be done in the original layout if needed for regulatory purposes.

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