Consumer product companies are trying to increase their market share and improve the customer loyalty towards their companies all the time. Improving customer loyalty depends on the company’s ability to reach out to the end consumers, retailers and restaurants directly apart from the quality of the product.

The paper-based delivery process can contribute to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. The delivery process can be managed efficiently by using the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) process of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and enabling the sales representatives and delivery drivers with access to business processes and critical data on the move on their mobile devices.

Unvired Direct Store Delivery is the mobile extension of the DSD scenario in the SAP ERP/ECC solution. Unvired DSD can be deployed on smartphones, mobile devices and handheld devices. The user can work in an offline mode with the information on the device and update the central system at a later point in time when there is connectivity.

Unvired has immense implementation experience in the Direct Store Delivery space.  Unvired DSD leverages all native capabilities of a Windows Mobile device to provide the users the best usability and features to improve the sales representative’s productivity.

Features – Order, Deliver, Collect

  • Delivery & Ordering & Payment Collection
  • Check-Out/Check-In of Materials and Money
  • Pricing (lean offline or full-fledged online option)
  • Manual Discounts, Deal conditions, Material Inclusion, Exclusions, Sealing & Group Counting
  • Inventory Management
  • Printing & Barcode support
  • Integration with SAB DSD Connector, RADB, Settlement
  • Online transactional capabilities, GPS tracking as well as server notifications to devices

SAP Versions Supported: SAP ECC 6.0 & SAP S/4HANA

Cross-Platform Experience:

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