Unvired Inventory Manager for SAP helps warehouse workers to get the stock overview, move goods, issue & return materials, count physical inventory, receive goods, create purchase requisitions and deliver goods efficiently from mobile devices.

Warehouse workers are moving around in the warehouse in forklifts executing multiple tasks. While moving goods, accepting goods, issuing goods, accepting goods returns and loading trucks for delivery the warehouse workers are not only required to execute the tasks on the ground but also in the SAP ERP system so that inventory information is accurate in SAP. Using laptops and desktops to access SAP is tedious. Many times warehouse workers forget to execute the processes in SAP resulting in inaccurate information in SAP. Unvired Inventory Manager for SAP brings SAP to the warehouse workers giving them easy access to processes and data on demand through mobile devices – tablets and Google Glass.

Barcode integration in Unvired Inventory Manager helps warehouse workers quickly scan materials, quantities, and batches without having to search or do manual entries.

Unvired Inventory Manager on Google Glass aids the warehouse operators’ work hands-free with the mobile devices using barcode reading and voice recognition.

Unvired Inventory Manager can be used in both Maintenance Warehouses and Finished Goods Warehouses.


  • Stock Overview: Get material stock quantities across plants, storage locations, and batches. Stock quantities are available across various categories like unrestricted stock, restricted stock, consignment stock, stock blocked for quality check, etc. Accurate and timely stock information helps warehouse workers locate and identify stock quickly. View the goods movement documents associated with the material to know the previous goods movements for the material.
  • Storage Location Movement: Move goods from one storage location to another across plants or in the same plant immediately creating a goods movement document in SAP.
  • Goods Receipt: Receive goods against a purchase order and record that information in SAP immediately.
  • Goods Issue: Issue materials to technicians or goods to other parties based on a cost center or work order.
  • Goods Return: Accept goods returns from technicians and other parties based on a cost center or a work order.
  • Physical Inventory Counting: Get open physical inventory documents for the cycle or yearly counting. Count and save the material counts in SAP immediately. Check differences immediately and recount to eliminate errors. Check physical inventory documents summary to get an overview of open, counted and posted documents.
  • Delivery: Access delivery documents from SAP on the mobile device. Pick and load materials accurately with barcode scanning eliminating incorrect material deliveries.

SAP Versions Supported: SAP ECC 6.0 & SAP S/4HANA

Cross-Platform Experience:

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Inventory Manager for SAP- Demo

Inventory Manager for SAP Benefits:

  • Get accurate stock quantities and locations – real time.
  • Eliminate paperwork in the warehouses.
  • Manage inventory efficiently. Never miss recording a goods movement – be it storage location movement, goods receipt, goods issue, goods return or any other movement.
  • Inventory counting is a laborious process. Eliminate inaccuracies, errors, and frustrations in inventory counting.
  • Eliminate inaccurate deliveries.
  • An application installed in a kiosk can be used by non-warehouse operators to check parts and other stock details.
  • Make your warehouse operators’ jobs easier and lives better.

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Customer Testimonial

We selected the Unvired Mobile Platform over other competing platforms because it offered us the greatest value, ease of building custom applications and seamless integration with SAP. Kaneka Americas is live on the Unvired Mobile Rounds Manager and the Unvired Warehouse Management mobile apps (that integrate with SAP) which have enhanced our Asset Maintenance and Shipping processes. Another major reason for selecting Unvired is its team of skilled individuals who understand both SAP and Mobility and are able to identify business opportunities. We found Unvired to be flexible, cost-effective, and responsive while delivering on time. We regard them as our extended team.

Andre Winterhalter

IT Director, Kaneka Americas


Unvired Inventory Manager for SAP Use Cases- Datasheet

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