Enterprise Asset Management: Mobility Readiness Checklist

Stuart Baker is the head of maintenance of a large manufacturing company. Stuart is attending his monthly meeting with his maintenance leads and his operations assistant Shelley Hudson.

Shelley has spent the last week compiling the data required for this monthly meeting. Shelley dreads the last week of the month when she has to compile these reports from various data points in the SAP system - top 10 spends, cumulative vs. planned costs, top 10 visits, labour vs. material costs, backlog job orders, etc.

Stuart asks his maintenance leads about the repeated same locations visits, huge backlog of job orders and cost overruns.

The maintenance leads complain about the inefficiency in the system - technicians having to drive across plants to collect their job orders, time taken to fill their PM audit documents, lack of work breakdown by the technician, delay in status reporting from technicians and many others.

Shelley complains about the amount of time she has to spend compiling all this information for a week every month.

Stuart has heard these complaints before. He wants to bring in efficiency in the system and change the way his department works. He has heard about mobile apps and starts thinking if he can get all his maintenance data - orders, notifications, warehouse material movements and reports on mobile devices on demand anywhere anytime.

Stuart approaches his IT head Andrew Hughes. He explains his problems and proposes mobile apps. Andrew knows about mobility but wonders if their company is ready for mobility. They have not done mobile projects before. So he asks for a week's time to do his research before giving an answer to Stuart.

Andrew's research leads him to lots of mobile apps, mobile devices, MDM, etc. in the mobile heap. He finds lots of mobile apps for EAM. He reads about the business challenges these apps solve and the benefits. But this does not satisfy him as he is thinking of a sustainable mobility strategy, holistic solutions and the approach to mobility.

Does this sound like a familiar problem you have faced while embarking on mobility for Enterprise Asset Management? This is a common challenge that many organizations have faced.

We would like to solve this puzzle for you. So we have prepared a comprehensive checklist that helps you with your mobility readiness check for Enterprise Asset Management. Unvired mobility checklist for Enterprise Asset Management is a compilation of experience in implementing Mobile EAM for more than a decade across the globe.

Download our guide to  Enterprise Asset Management – Mobility Readiness Checklist

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