Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform (UDEP) helps to create the Digital Enterprise easily and affordably. Mobilize business processes and data from various enterprise backend systems to all leading mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and Web. Digitize Business Dashboards, Sales, Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Retail, Production, Customer Relationship Management, Finance, HR and other processes using UDEP. Build rich HTML5 apps once and deploy them online (web) and offline (mobile), true build once deploy anywhere!

Create beautiful mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android (Phone/Tablet/Wear), Windows (Tablet/Phone) or rich HTML5 responsive web apps.  Connect to SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Sharepoint, and many more on-premise and hosted enterprise systems.

Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform – 3 Minutes Video Explainer

Customer Testimonial

We selected the Unvired Mobile Platform over other competing platforms because it offered us the greatest value, ease of building custom applications and seamless integration with SAP. Kaneka Americas is live on the Unvired Mobile Rounds Manager and the Unvired Warehouse Management mobile apps (that integrate with SAP) which have enhanced our Asset Maintenance and Shipping processes. Another major reason for selecting Unvired is its team of skilled individuals who understand both SAP and Mobility and are able to identify business opportunities. We found Unvired to be flexible, cost-effective, and responsive while delivering on time. We regard them as our extended team.

Andre Winterhalter

IT Director, Kaneka Americas


Digital Platform

A single platform that caters to all touch-points: Vendors, Employees, Customers.  Connectors for all enterprise systems like SAP, Oracle and support for all access channels - web or mobile

Any Enterprise System
Connect to any enterprise system.  Connect natively to SAP via RFCs, Oracle SQL and Web Services (REST and SOAP)
Any access channel

Connect to Web and all leading mobile devices- iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows.  Real-time Data Push. Secure, encrypted Offline Storage

Deployment model
On-premise SAP NetWeaver certified edition or JBoss Appliance.  Highly secure Private cloud instance or Public Multi-Tenant instance on Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, MS Azure or IBM.  UDEP can also be deployed in a Docker environment.
Auto Scaling Cloud

Horizontally scaling cloud architecture based on Amazon AWS.  All applications are cloud-ready, move across cloud and on-premise deployments seamlessly in a few hours.  Digital deployment strategy can follow enterprise cloud strategy.

Try & Buy

Register for a free, no obligations trial.  Easy trials with pre-configured applications with your backend system in less than a day.  Trial cloud or on-premise deployment.

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Platform Differentiators

Project Cost & Timelines:

  • Cost effective, tangible ROI
  • Simple licensing based on number of devices or enterprise-wide
  • Cloud licensing based on number of devices – add or remove users at will
  • Quick implementation, deploy apps in weeks


  • One platform for all digital (web and mobile) needs (Employees and Customers) that can scale to 1000s of users with a single installation minimizing admin and maintenance overhead
  • Cloud Instance allows virtually unlimited users with horizontal scaling

Data Exchange & Security:

  • Military grade Data encryption on server and mobile device
  • Business logic in the server to achieve complex scenarios across multiple enterprise systems (mashups)
  • Store and forward messages – True asynchronous transactions from mobile
  • Guaranteed one time delivery of data to enterprise systems
  • Universal data formats in XML or JSON

Mobile Application Management:

  • Create users and their devices and deploy applications
  • Application installation self-service portal
  • Remote access to device data, application logs and remote wipe


  • Production server installation in 30 minutes on your existing SAP NetWeaver system or as a JBoss appliance
  • Operating system and virtual machine agnostic
  • Hot deployment of application upgrades, zero downtime for the server

Connectors to Enterprise Systems:

Take advantage of preconfigured “native” connectors to SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint etc

  • SAP (S4HANA, ERP, 4.7+) RFCs and BAPIs
  • Sharepoint
  • Oracle EBS
  • Databases
  • Microsoft Active Directory and other LDAPs
  • SalesForce.com
  • Generic SOAP and REST


Multiple authentication models for users

  • Login via Unvired ID, Email, Microsoft ADS or even via SAP
  • Pre-configured SSO to SAP

Tools & Developments:

  • App Modeler and Code Generator
  • App Modeler & Code Generator (Eclipse Plugin)
  • Business Logic Debugger (Eclipse Plugin)
  • Centralized web-based configuration, administration and monitoring


Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform can be deployed on an SAP NetWeaver server, SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP) or on RedHat JBoss.
UDEP is also certified by SAP for SAP S/4HANA & SAP NetWeaver.

Platform Components

Enterprise Backend System Adapters:

  • SAP (ERP 4.7+, CRM etc)
  • Oracle EBS
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Any SQL Database like Microsoft SQL Server
  • Any SOAP or REST Web Service system

Mobile & Web Data Push Adapters:

  • Apple Push Notification (APNS) for iOS
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android
  • Google Glass Push via Mirror API
  • Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) for Windows
  • Browser Push (Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox)

Authentication & Access Control:

  • Login to the platform using Unvired User (default authentication), Email, SAP User, Microsoft Active Directory User or custom login
  • Backend system authentication support for SAP, Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, SOAP or Basic HTTP Authentication
  • Support for SAP SSO

Technology Components:

  • Store and forward message processing engine
  • Guaranteed one time delivery of messages to enterprise backend system
  • XML or JSON data exchange
  • Java application runtime to execute business logic, hot deployment of application jar files
  • Persistent store for applications to store and retrieve application and user dependent settings/state


  • Push data from other servers/services to mobile
  • Integrate other server-based applications using DEP

Development Tools

Structured development of Enterprise Mobile and Web Applications

App Modeler

Model the app easily using the Unvired App Modeler.  Drag and drop data modeling with data from SAP, Web Services, Database etc.  Familiar Eclipse-based modeling environment.

Quick Mashups

Create apps based on multiple enterprise systems.  Leverage all Unvired native connectors in a single application.  Merged data model simplifies application development.

Web and Mobile SDKs

Connect to Web and all leading mobile devices- iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows.  Real-time Data Push. Secure, encrypted Offline Storage

Code Generator

Generate 100% functional business logic code for the server application.  Generate data model for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5)


Debug server-side business logic both on the cloud and on-premise easily with the  Eclipse Unvired debug SDK.  Debug business logic based on SAP, Sharepoint, Database etc in real-time.  Reduce development time and bugs

Admin Cockpit

Configure, manage and troubleshoot using the web based Admin Cockpit.  Access from both laptops and mobile devices. Track every message that is sent or received via the platform.  Monitor and get alerts on mobile.

Bring your tools and build your own Apps!


Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform - Whitepaper

Developing Apps with the UMP REST API

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