WEL Networks replaced Paper based Forms with Unvired Digital Forms App

WEL Networks Ltd converted numerous paper-based forms with Unvired Digital Forms App for mobile data collection.

Industry– Utilities

Solution– Unvired Mobile Applications for digital forms to enhance the workflow and business processes.

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Business Challenges

  • Numerous paper forms to fill while executing tasks
  • Inefficiencies and lack of easy access to data for Audit and other purposes


  • Mobile app for Digital Forms integrated with SAP
  • Web admin Portal to Create Forms, Upload Forms, Manage Users and Roles
  • Forms built-in HTML5/Javascript
  • Mobile Devices: Windows 8.1 tablets


  • Increased Compliance
  • Enhanced Workflow and Business Processes
  • Eliminate paper-based processes

About WEL Networks

We are in the business of providing electricity to the homes, businesses, and farms in the Waikato region. Our job is to build, operate and maintain the physical network and the technological smarts which drive it. Our skills, technologies, and thinking are also becoming sought-after in building essential services for the future, starting with the rollout of ultrafast broadband.