How Airline Fabricare Saves $350,000 Annually with Mobile Asset Management

Airline Fabricare partnered with Unvired to implement mobile asset management solution to transform asset management operations.

Airline Fabricare

Industry: Aviation

Solution: Mobile app to streamline asset management operations for airlines and airports.

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Business Challenges

Airline Fabricare is a leading provider of asset management, cleaning, and maintenance services for Airlines and Airports, ensuring the smooth operations of its clients. Their reliance on paper-based reports and spreadsheets was leading to several pain points:​

  • Delayed repair and maintenance cycles: Outdated information and inefficient communication resulted in prolonged downtime for critical assets.​
  • Poor compliance tracking: Lack of real-time data made it difficult to ensure adherence to safety regulations and industry standards.​
  • Inventory management issues: Limited visibility into inventory levels caused waste and unnecessary costs.​
  • Limited data visibility: Decision-making was hampered by a lack of comprehensive data insights and reporting capabilities.


Airline Fabricare partnered with Unvired to implement a mobile asset management solution to transform its asset management operations. The app offered a unified platform for managing customer-facing assets, accessible from mobile devices (iOS and Android) and desktops. ​

Key Features: ​

  • Visual Asset Mapping & Identification: QR code and image recognition enabled easy identification and tracking of assets across facilities, simplifying inspections and addressing safety hazards.​
  • Service Delivery Management: Real-time tracking of SLAs, automated notifications, and monitoring of issue resolution times ensured efficient maintenance and repairs.​
  • Inventory & Cost Control: Real-time inventory tracking, automated reordering, and streamlined order/invoice management optimized inventory levels and reduced waste. Granular budget tracking and cost projections provided valuable insights for maintenance planning.
  • Intelligent Task Management: Customizable checklists, role-based access, and time-bound task scheduling streamlined workflows and improved technician productivity.​
  • Flexible Configuration & Audits: Configurable data attributes, on-demand audit scoring, and historical data tracking enabled continuous improvement and trend analysis.​
  • Seamless User Experience: Geo-tagging, integration with Turbo Forms, and an intuitive user interface facilitated accurate data capture and efficient workflows.​
  • Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Management: Tracking assets from deployment to retirement, customizable reports, and an intuitive interface offering complete visibility into the asset lifecycle.


  • Faster Turnaround Times: Asset repairs were completed in hours instead of weeks, significantly reducing downtime and improving service delivery.​
  • Optimized Inventory Management: Real-time inventory tracking reduced waste and streamlined ordering, saving an estimated 7,000 man-hours.​
  • Cost Reduction: The app facilitated cost savings of approximately $350,000 annually in asset repairs.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Comprehensive data insights enabled informed decision-making, leading to improved customer experience scores and reduced asset management costs.​
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The app streamlined workflows, improved communication, and facilitated seamless collaboration across teams, boosting overall operational efficiency.

About Airline Fabricare

Airline Fabricare is a leading provider of comprehensive asset management, cleaning, and maintenance services for facilities. ​