Custom App Development Services

Build High-Performance Enterprise-Grade Apps using our App Development expertise

Custom App Development Services

Build High
Performance Enterprise
Grade Custom Apps

As a leading enterprise mobility company, Unvired has immense experience in building enterprise grade native, cross-platform and progressive web apps that help solve your specific business problems, enhance user experience and makes your workflows faster and efficient. Our team of highly skilled developers are experts in building high performance apps that seamlessly work across devices (smartphones, tablets, and web) and platforms which are robust, scalable, secure and cost effective.

Native Apps

If you are focused on performance and reliability, native apps are the best. Native apps are built using platform supported native technologies and are inherently faster & leverage device capabilities (Ex: barcode scanners, RFID, NFC etc.) for optimum use. We have immense experience in building native apps and have deployed both customer and employee-facing custom apps across multiple industries.

Our developers are experts in specific platform tools and languages such as Xcode/Swift & Objective-C, Android Studio, Java & Kotlin, Visual Studio/C# and more. Our custom development includes:

  • iOS application development for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Android application development for Phones & Tablets
  • Windows 10 application development

Cross Platform Apps

Cross-platform apps are developed using the web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) and run within a native container app. The biggest advantage of cross platform development is Build Once and Deploy Anywhere which significantly reduces the cost of app development per platform and time to market while building apps that look and feel truly native. Hybrid apps can fully leverage all the capabilities a platform has to offer. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to build multi-platform apps that provide high-performance and reduce the hassle of dealing with multiple mobile technologies for building apps. We have built and deployed many cross-platform apps for our customers for various use cases across the industries.

We leverage the following technologies and frameworks to build cross platform apps:

  • Xamarin App Development
  • Apache Cordova App Development with Ionic / Angular Material as front end
  • ReactNative App Development
  • Google Flutter App Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

PWA bring native app-like functions and features to websites. PWAs are user friendly, responsive across the platforms, discoverable by search engines, work smoothly in poor networks, run on home screen, and have the ability to send push notifications. PWA is the best choice if you do not have an app at all or if your website is performing poorly on mobile. We offer progressive web development services that runs on multiple platforms with seamless, reliable and interactive user experience.

Our team of skilled developers possess expertise in frameworks like AngularJS, Ionic, ReactJS, and ExpressJS.

Web App Development

Web apps run on the web servers via internet or intranet using a browser. Web Apps are built with any server-side technology such as Node.js, ASP.NET etc. We have significant experience in building custom web apps for small companies to big enterprises. We offer scalable, responsive, and robust web app development services that match customers’ business strategies and requirements.

Our skilled developers have deep experience in working on HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, Ajax, AngularJS, NodeJS, MongoDB-Express, Microsoft .NET, and other technologies.

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App Development Tools

Java 2
Objective C
Apache Cordova
Reach Native
SQL Azure

Our Approach

We provide a comprehensive enterprise mobility solution to enable our customers with the future ready apps. Whether your organization is new to mobile development or need some help in deciding the mobile strategy, Unvired has the experience and resources to deliver successful employee and customer facing apps.

Customer Success Stories

  • null

    Patient Engagement Mobile App and Care Coordination Portal to enhance Patient Engagement.

  • Tank Storage Company in Houston, Texas

    Houston based Tank Storage Company Deployed Android App to Record Storage Tank and Steam Meter Readings.

  • null

    Android App to Enhance Retail (Convenience Store) Operations at Scanning Solutions.

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Company

    Upstream Oil & Gas Company deployed Cross-Platform Hybrid App to manage Asset/Equipment in the Oil Field.

  • Healthcare Start-up in Houston

    Healthcare Start-up in Houston deployed HIPAA Compliant Mobile and Web App for Patient Care Transition.

  • null

    Mobile Application for Site Survey at Boston Barricade.

Industries We Serve

Unvired has diverse domain expertise across the industries.


Oil & Gas




Life Sciences








Consumer Products



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