Mobile Operator Rounds

Unvired Mobile Operator Rounds is designed for Industries with a large installed base of equipment or assets that require regular inspections and audits. Inspections ensure that equipment is in peak condition maximizing productivity and minimizing safety risks. Most of the time, inspections are paper-based processes that are prone to errors. Inspection orders are provided to the Operators in print form who perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual Rounds. The operators visit the site carrying a clipboard, carry out the inspection activities, and submit paper-based reports.

Inspection Challenges in Paper-based Processes


Paper based processes prone to data entry errors


No room for audit checks on inspections to verify the inspection activities


Trends/Charts are difficult to identify


Cannot ensure process compliance


Difficult to meet regulatory requirements

A Mobile Operator Rounds can remove these barriers and help the companies to optimize the asset performance and move from reactive to preventive maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime.

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Unvired Mobile Operator Rounds

Unvired Mobile Operator Rounds integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance enables the plant operators to perform inspections/rounds for preventive maintenance, record measurements, report defects, and update Equipment and Functional Location data from the mobile devices. The application supports both offline and online modes of operation and data is automatically synchronized with SAP and other third-party systems when connectivity is available.


Create Inspections Rounds based on Work Orders using Unvired Rounds Manager

Inspection Rounds based on Work Orders:

  • Rounds based on Work Orders or custom objects in SAP
  • Define rounds to include multiple types of equipment and functional locations in SAP
  • Download rounds with equipment, functional locations, measurement ranges and trends in mobile
  • View equipment and functional locations for the round in a map
  • Capture GPS for all equipment and functional locations from mobile

Record Measurement Readings using Rounds Manager

Record Measurement Readings:

  • Enter measurement readings on your mobile devices and synchronize automatically with backend SAP EAM.
  • Compare input with historic standards and safe ranges to avoid emergencies and outages.
  • Automatically calculate readings, limits, alerts and collection frequencies.
  • Access standard operating procedures and other documents related to the rounds
  • Submit round documents with all measurement readings and comments

Get Equipment and Functional Location from Unvired Rounds Manager

Equipment & Functional Locations:

  • View and update Equipment / Functional Locations
  • View Details – Category, Object Type, Address, GPS Info, Organization, General Info, Manufacturer Info, Location, Organization
  • Search Equipment / Location
  • Capture GPS Co-ordinates
  • View Equipment / Location Hierarchy

Enable technicians to create notifications to Report Issues with Unvired Rounds Manager App

Create Notifications to Report Issues:

  • Capture Pictures & Signatures and attach to create notification to report issues. Store pictures in SAP or in any DMS such as SharePoint.
  • Capture structured details of the affected parts and the damage caused along with causes

Cross-Platform Experience

Customer Success Stories

  • Oil and gas - NuStar
  • null

    Nustar Energy Mobilized SAP Plant Maintenance With Unvired Mobile EAM App.

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  • null

    Kaneka transformed the Paper-based Plant into a Connected Digital Plant using Unvired EAM Apps for SAP S/4HANA.

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  • null

    WEL Networks deployed Unvired EAM Apps for SAP for Windows 10 Tablets to Improve Efficiency of Field Service.

  • Global Manufacturing Company

    Global Manufacturing Company (Mining) Deployed Unvired EAM App Integrated with Digital Forms.

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