SAP® Certified EAM Apps

SAP® Certified mobile apps for EAM that help to increase plant up-time, reduce manual data entry, enable real-time decision making, and lower operational cost.

Digital Forms

Drag and drop tools to build mobile forms, create workflows, and integrate with back-end systems to easily manage and collect data on the go.

Chyme Bots Platform

Chyme is an Enterprise Bots Platform to easily build Digital Assistants (Chatbots) for IT Helpdesk, Sales, Customer Service, Procurement, and other scenarios.

Custom App Development

Build enterprise grade native, cross-platform and progressive web apps that help solve your specific business problems.

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Unvired Suite of Apps for SAP

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    Rounds Manager

    Empowers operators to perform inspections, record measurements readings, unlock inspections using GPS location, capture images, and create notification to report defects through mobile devices.

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    Inventory Manager

    Empowers warehouse workers to get the stock overview, move goods, issue & return materials, count physical inventory, receive goods, and create purchase requisitions from mobile devices.

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    Mobile Direct Store Delivery

    Empowers the sales representatives and delivery drivers with access to business processes and critical data on the move on their mobile devices that helps to improve the productivity.

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    Work Orders Manager

    Empowers field technicians to perform maintenance activities, access work orders, check asset repair history, book time spent and materials consumed through mobile devices.

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    Safe Work Permit

    Enables Operations and Maintenance to collaborate during the permitting process. It allows users to fully customize the permit fields based on their specific work activities. The form fields include project details, potential hazards, the type of high risk work, any mechanical/electrical safety checks, and much more.

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    Mobile CRM

    Empowers technicians to view equipment and functional location, build hierarchy on-demand, install and uninstall equipment & functional location, and capture GPS information through mobile devices.

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