AI and ML Enabled Digital Solutions

Work Smarter by turning AI/ML into actions.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Unvired enables businesses to Work Smarter by turning AI/ML enabled conversations with Enterprise systems into actions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) is breathing intelligence into applications so that applications can process many of the tedious and repetitive tasks that formerly required humans to do. Vendors like Apple have introduced Core ML, a new foundational machine learning framework used with Siri. Core ML allows integration of machine learning models enabling apps to be built with intelligent new features.

Invoice reconciliation or claims processing processes are now being artificial intelligence enabled to reduce costs and increase productivity.  In the area of Sales, the application can make suggestions about similar orders or what discounts to give.

Unvired has worked on Open Source Machine Learning engines like Google’s TensorFlow as well as Elasticsearch to get insights from data. We see artificial intelligence in the context of predicting Maintenance needs for a piece of equipment by analyzing the data that our mobile apps for Inspections and Work Orders collect. Another area where we have incorporated artificial intelligence is for apps in the Sales area where based on historical data, the app can suggest similar products for cross-selling purposes.

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