Marketing Chatbot to Enhance Consumer Engagement at Carlton and United Breweries

Beverage Company Promotes Beer Brand to drive Customer Engagement during the State of Origin Games in Australia.

Industry: Beverage

Solution: Marketing Chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger powered by Chyme Bots Platform.

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Business Challenges

  • Promote Carlton Dry beer brand and enhance consumer engagement during NRL State of Origin (annual Rugby Series) in Australia.
  • Increase Fan/Consumer Engagement
  • Promote Beer brands
  • Drive Incremental Sales


  • Marketing Chatbot powered by Chyme Bots Platform.
  • Out of the Box Integration with Facebook Messenger.
  • Chatbot integration with third-party Promotions Engine
  • Met statutory regulations and Facebook Policies

Consumer Scenarios:

  • Consumers scan QR code on beer cartons from FB Messenger, enter the code via chatbot and get moments relating to a specific game.
  • Chatbot delivers prizes to them during a game when a moment went off

Bot Personality:

  • Chatbot designed with a customized branded persona in accordance with CUB brand guidelines
  • Chatbot’s cool and charming personality (tone, sentiments, and style) enabled rich conversations and enhanced consumer engagement


  • Enhanced Consumer Engagement
  • 25,000+ users
  • Over 1 Million messages exchanged between bot and consumers
  • Over 41,000 Consumer entries made using Chatbot
  • Up to $17 millions prizes for consumers

About Carlton & United Breweries

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) is an Australian brewing company. CUB brews some of Australia’s most iconic and loved beers, including Victoria Bitter, Carlton Draught, Great Northern, Pure Blonde, Carlton Dry, Melbourne Bitter, Crown Lager, Cascade Premium Light and the Yak Ales.