Patient Engagement Mobile App and Care Coordination Portal to enhance Patient Engagement

Unvired delivered patient engagement mobile apps and care coordination portal for RemindTrac and enabled interaction between the Mobile App and a Care Coordination Platform.

Industry– Healthcare

Solution– Patient Engagement Mobile App for Patients and Care Coordination Portal for Healthcare Providers.

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Business Challenges

  • Remote monitoring of patients in between office visits is difficult
  • Patients do not take their medications on time
  • Lack of Medication adherence costs Billions of dollars
  • Need for a Solution to enable providers to engage with patients and impact behavior


Unvired assists software development of RemindTrac’s proprietary platform to:

  • Enable interaction between the Mobile app and a Care Coordination Platform
  • Create a Care Dashboard, Reminders/Alerts, Medication Schedule, Messages, Assessments, Medical team, and Diary
  • Integrate a blue tooth device with the app, including offline capabilities
  • Develop Hybrid Mobile app (HTML/JavaScript) leveraging the Ionic Framework using Apache Cordova plug-in
  • Develop for Mobile Devices: Android and iOS


  • Healthcare professionals can connect to their patients in real-time to monitor and track key aspects of behavioral healthcare management and medication adherence.
  • Patients become engaged, active, responsible participants, by tracking and recording their medication adherence.
  • Healthcare professionals can further engage their patients with mobile self-administered screening and assessment tools between clinic visits.
  • Using data points and interactive tools within the system, clients can evaluate and review adherence scores per medication, and generate reports.

About RemindTrac

RemindTrac is a fully integrated care platform to improve patient health through medication adherence and real-time behavioral engagement.