Houston based Tank Storage Company Deployed Android App to Record Storage Tank and Steam Meter Readings

Unvired delivered Android App to record Storage Tank readings and exchange data with Utility Management System.

Tank Storage Company in Houston, Texas

Industry– Oil & Gas, Chemicals

Solution– Android mobile App integrated with Utility Management System to record storage tank and steam meter readings.

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Business Challenges

  • Paper-based storage tank and steam meter readings.
  • Safety and Compliance concerns.
  • Absence of real-time insights.
  • Lack of guidance to enable users to record measurements outside of the walking list, a predetermined set of meters, a user has to walk through.


  • Mobile Android App to record storage tank and steam meter readings.
  • Data exchange between the mobile app and Utility Management System (UMS).
  • Integration with QR code scanner and NFC tag reader to update readings.
  • Work offline: The readings are locally stored on the mobile device and sync with UMS when the connection is available.
  • The app automatically segregates between a tank and steam meter readings and assigns tag appropriately.
  • Users are guided by the inbuilt process flow. If required, they can capture readings outside of the walking list.
  • Devices: Android tablets


  • Improved asset management and reporting due to ‘Digital’ data available
  • Reduced errors due to manual data entry
  • Enhanced Safety and Compliance
  • Increased Productivity

About Customer

Tank Storage Company in Houston, Texas.