How Unvired Rig Asset Mover App Streamlined Equipment Transfer for a Drilling Customer in North America

The Unvired Rig Asset Mover App streamlines the equipment transfer process by capturing stakeholder details, creating Bill Of Lading, providing a complete FLOC hierarchy, facilitating real-time tracking, and generating reports on historical equipment transfers. This leads to increased efficiency, transparency, and equipment safety. The app also handles the transfer of equipment not managed within SAP, providing a comprehensive solution for all equipment transfer needs.

Unvired Rig Asset Mover App

Rig Equipment Transfer App for Drilling Customer

Company– A Large Drilling Company

Industry– Oil & Gas

Solution– Unvired Rig Asset Mover app for SAP to streamline equipment transfer processes between rigs for enhanced visibility.

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Business Challenges

  • No hierarchical view of equipment and related equipment, which can make it difficult to determine which equipment is related during dismantling and installation.
  • Inability to dismantle multiple pieces of equipment in a single step, leading to inefficiencies in the transfer process.
  • No real-time visibility of equipment transfers, which can result in delays and potential losses.
  • Inability to transfer equipment managed outside of SAP, making it challenging to track and manage all equipment transfers.
    The need to reduce the usage of paper in the transfer process, which can be time-consuming and wasteful.
  • Cant’ create transfer requests in areas with no connectivity.


Manage intercontinental equipment transfers between Rigs with real-time visibility:

  • Graphical view of the equipment structure in the Functional Location hierarchy highlighting related equipment for easy identification
  • Dismantling the entire hierarchy of related equipment in a single step
  • Transfer equipment both managed within SAP and outside of SAP in a single transfer request
  • Distribution of equipment Bill of Lading as pdf documents via email and images as MMS to all stakeholders
  • Signature capture of drivers, equipment managers and other stakeholders at various points in transit
  • Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint.


  • Efficient transfer of equipment with real-time visibility
  • Mobile app for offline usage enabling 24/7 availability
  • Complete traceability with auditable records

About Customer

A large Drilling Company that provides contract drilling, well servicing, and strategic support services to customers across North America.