The Digital Enterprise is upon us, and Mobility is at the forefront. Companies in all verticals from Finance to Healthcare to Manufacturing are embracing the brave new world of social, mobile, analytics, and cloud. The business drivers have enhanced customer engagement, new revenue models, better service, optimal asset utilization, and real-time decision making. On top of all this, the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Connected Plant, the Connected Patient, and the Connected Asset promises to create disruptive innovation. Asset Intensive industries like Utilities, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Mining, and Manufacturing are leading the charge, and are focused on Driving Operational Excellence by taking advantage of new technologies.

In this book, we will discuss the key pillars of operational excellence:

    • Communication/Collaboration
    • Safety
    • Plant Uptime
    • Compliance
    • Worker Knowledge/Training/Retention
    • Resource Utilization
    • Analytics/Dashboards