Mobile apps are redefining the way people access and exchange information. While mobility is making the universe more transparent for the consumers the same mobility is weaving a complex web for the enterprises in terms of choice, decisions, and investments. The best you can do is to define a mobile strategy and make smarter choices to benefit from mobility. These smarter choices should also make adaptation easy without draining corporate resources.

Selecting a robust platform is the key to the development of a bot which meets your business requirements. An ideal platform should provide customizable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective frameworks to build, deploy, and manage the apps. It frees enterprises and developers from building and maintaining the necessary landscape, tool and connectors to integrate with backend systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, SharePoint and any other REST and SOAP services.

However, there are so many mobile app development platforms in the market that it can make your head spin to choose which one is best. So in this guide, we will give you a detailed comparison of the mobile app development platforms which will help you to decide the right platform for your business requirement.