Raghav- Employee Story

Raghavendra Varanasi

Project Manager

If you want to learn new technologies and work with a team that is talented and humble, you should join Unvired.

Ragav’s story from a fresher to a leader begins with his dedication and efforts bagging him a full-time position within a month of interning. Raghav recalls the journey as a wonderful one so far. He learned a lot on his first set of projects when he started working as an Android Developer and then learned natural language processing, RASA, Python to develop Chatbots, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. His hard work did pay off as he has now risen to the ranks of Project Manager! 

From receiving positive feedback on appraisal meetings to being anxious to debug while his Managers watched, he has come a long way since!

Raghav’s workday at Unvired: 

There is no such thing as a ‘typical day’ for Raghav as he works on various projects with clients from different time zones. His day usually involves planning and executing projects, product upgrades, or new feature discussions as he ensures the successful completion of the projects. The evenings occupy helping clients with any queries and calls regarding the product and new requirement collections.

The best thing about working at Unvired: 

For Raghav, the flexible working hours, the liberty to ask for help without any hesitation, and to discuss your ideas and thoughts with top management is what makes Unvired stand out.

Raghav’s first exciting moment at Unvired was getting selected for a three-month internship that turned into a permanent job offer within a month.

His journey has been full of excitement ever since as he takes a positive outlook toward everything coming his way.

His enthusiasm for learning, interacting with clients, and finding solutions are his small moments of pride to getting promoted to Manager, which has been his proudest and most satisfying moment at Unvired.  

If I need any help, there is always someone to help me clear my doubts. Be it colleagues, managers, or the CTO himself. I have been able to improve myself and handle work better now.

Overcoming Challenges: 

Initially, Raghav found it hard to understand a few concepts while developing Android apps. The requirement was to generate a dynamic Android screen using XML received from the server and generate pdf by capturing data from the few screens in the Android app.  

Keeping up the spirit of individuality and learning at Unvired, Raghav had the space to overcome these challenges by simply understanding the basics of the concepts and reading the documentation, blogs, and forums.

What advice would you give someone joining Unvired? 

“If you want to learn new technologies and work with a team that is talented and humble, you should join Unvired.”


When Not At Work: Raghav enjoys watching web series and cricket during his free time.