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Partner Reseller Program

Unvired has developed a “Partner Reseller Program” geared towards empowering its resellers to leverage its mobile platform, template applications and custom application development facilities to deliver top-notch enterprise mobility solutions to their customer base. Through their capabilities and expertise in the marketplace, our resellers become our champions in extending the value of our cloud-based mobility platform to their customer and prospect base, while we continue to support them with sales and development training, demo support and access to our newer innovations in enterprise mobility. The Unvired enterprise mobility platform can be leveraged by its partners, both as a cloud version as well as on-premise.

System Integrators (SI)

We offer our SI partners an alternate “low cost” platform to deliver mobile applications to their customers who are hesitant to make the huge licensing cost investments required by other mobility platforms. SI partners can leverage the Unvired platform to extend industry expertise, implement custom applications or develop cross-device applications on the Unvired platform, both on the cloud or on-premise version, depending on their client’s requirements. Unvired also provides comprehensive training, development tools and support on the Unvired platform.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Unvired offers ISVs the ability to extend the reach of their applications without the additional cost of investing in a high-cost mobile development platform. Unvired extends to ISVs the option of leveraging the Unvired platform on the cloud or on-premise platform.

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