In this webinar, Unvired customer Dr. Karl Hoffower, founder of Failure Prevention Associates (FPA) discussed the need for predictive maintenance and conditional-based reliability. He also shared insights on how his team is leveraging a digital/mobile forms app to capture accurate machine asset data for more effective vibration analysis and predictive maintenance.

In this webinar, we discussed and demo:

  • The need for Predictive and Condition-based Reliability Programs
  • The Silver Tsunami—Aging of the Workforce
  • Key Challenges: Paper-based data collection, non-existent or incomplete asset data, sub-optimal Maintenance data analysis
  • Solution: Implement a Digital Forms app for data collection
  • Demo of FPA’s solution on iPad: Digital Machine Data Sheet
  • Demo of Unvired Turbo Forms App Builder
  • Implementation and Business Benefits
  • Q&A

Hope you find this webinar insightful. Contact us at or request a live demo if you would like to learn more.