SAP Fiori

One way of delivering a great User Experience to your SAP users is to implement SAP Fiori Apps. Unvired has helped customers deploy SAP Fiori and custom apps based on SAP OpenUI5 technology (Fiori like user experience).  SAP Fiori apps work across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones providing a responsive UI to access business processes.

SAP Fiori Apps can be Transactional, Analytical, or Fact Sheet based.

  • Transactional Apps are for simple scenarios like Approvals and similar cases
  • Analytical Apps are like dashboards, for e.g. a Sales dashboard
  • Fact Sheet Apps are like  Search, for e.g.  search for all the details of a Sales Order based on the Sales Order number

Note: Analytical and Fact Sheets apps work only with the HANA database.

Before you can use Fiori Apps, the Fiori Infrastructure has to be set up. SAP Gateway needs to be configured to exchange data with the SAP  system.  The SAP Fiori Launchpad has to be installed.  The right version of SAP ERP (SP. EhP level) is needed depending upon the Fiori App—so patches have to be made in many cases, OData services need to be mapped to RFCs etc.

Unvired has deployed SAP Gateway for customers and built and deployed standard Fiori Apps and Custom Apps leveraging SAP OpenUI5 etc.  Our customers have deployed Unvired’s Fiori like Apps in production.

Field Services

Traditional management of preventive maintenance, breakdown maintenance, inspections and inventory processes result in various challenges:

– Though ERP systems encompass the required processes traditional access to processes from PCs lead to several drawbacks – delay in data entry, inaccurate data, no availability of information ate the work site
– Paper-based processes increase cost due to redundancy, inaccurate or missing data in ERP systems like SAP, Maximo, etc., and manual processing
– Piles of compliance documents resulting in an audit nightmare
– Difficult to meet regulatory requirements
– Lack of coordination between maintenance, warehouse, and clerical staff
– Low productivity of field technicians and personnel due to time spent on clerical work
– Delays in work due to lack of timely on-demand information at the work site – history, trends, etc.
– Lack of metrics about most common damages and causes due to inaccurate or no entry of data

Direct Store Delivery

Businesses like consumer products (CP), food & beverages (F&B), etc. rely on direct store delivery to sell and deliver products. DSD is the backbone of the CP and F&B industries. DSD industries are highly competitive industries relying not only on product differentiators but also on process efficiencies. Manual processes in DSD industries hinder sales personnel/delivery drivers’ productivity bringing down efficiencies dramatically. Business delays can result in loss of sales affecting the revenues.
Enterprise systems with optimal DSD processes solve only a part of the problem. DSD processes can be made completely optimal by enabling the sales personnel and delivery drivers with all the processes on their mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and ruggedized devices.
Mobility can not only provide operational efficiencies in terms of user productivity but also provide a strategic edge against competitors and increase sales. Mobility can be deployed to cover all the DSD field processes comprehensively.

– Pre-Sales
– Delivery
– Van Sales
– Order Taking & Order Pricing
– Managing Multiple Sales Areas
– Invoice and Payment Collections
– Truck Loading and Inventory Management
– Route Accounting – Driver expenses, etc.
– Surveys and Data Collection
– Reports

Unvired offers DSD consulting to build, enhance and manage DSD processes in the most optimal manner. Unvired’s in-depth experience in building DSD processes and mobile solutions for large CP and F&B customers offers a unique blend of both functional and technical expertise. Use Unvired’s services to build a completely new Mobile DSD solution, enhance your existing Mobile DSD solution or implement SAP Mobile DSD solution.