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GenAI is the branch of AI that generates new content, including text, images, audio, code, and videos. It leverages Large Language Models, Vector Databases, Prompt Engineering, Fine-tuning, and other techniques to enable human-like task performance by computers.

GenAI is reshaping the landscape of business operations to bridge the gap and bring endless possibilities. Join Unvired to co-innovate and harness GenAI’s power to boost productivity, innovation, and business growth.

Eureka: Unvired GenAI Knowledge Assistant

Enterprise Search

Engage in Q&A using a conversational interface and explore structured data in databases and unstructured data from PDFs, Word docs, and websites.

Document Processing

Summarize documents, extract texts, and perform Entity searches to retrieve PO numbers, Customer addresses, and other information.


Make Structured data requests using Natural Language queries to retrieve, filter, and analyze data. Write SQL queries to analyze CSV files and create interactive charts and dashboards.

Eureka Agents

Automate workflows and tasks with Unvired Eureka Agents.

  ⚪  Eureka for SAP

  ⚪  Eureka for ServiceNow/ITSM

  ⚪  Eureka for Asset Maintenance

  ⚪  Eureka for Claims Management

Channel: Invoke the agents from MS Teams, Website, or other Messaging apps.

Unvired GenAI Services

Generative AI Consultation

GenAI Consulting Workshop

We provide GenAI strategy consulting workshops to identify use cases and develop innovative strategies to solve complex challenges using GenAI.
AI Integration


We provide tailored services for GenAI model deployments, ensuring security and scalability.

GenAI App Development Accelerators

Leverage Unvired Accelerators to simplify the development of GenAI apps. The Unvired GenAI framework makes it easy to assemble the various components needed for development.
AI Maintenance

GenAI Ops

We manage GenAI apps over their lifecycle, including model performance monitoring, continuous improvement, and cost optimization.

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GenAI Resources

Webinar: Deploy Your First Generative AI App In 4 Weeks

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Webinar: Digital Maintenance and Generative AI

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The Potential Of Generative AI In The Enterprise

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that creates new and original content by learning patterns from existing data. It uses techniques like deep learning and neural networks to generate images, text, music, or videos that are not directly copied, enabling innovative and unique outputs.

What is Multimodal AI?

Multimodal AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that can process and understand multiple types of data or modalities, such as images, text, audio, or video. These systems integrate information from different sources to gain a deeper understanding and provide more comprehensive insights or outputs.

What is the difference between Generative AI and Machine Learning?

Generative AI is a subset of machine learning that focuses on creating new and original content, while machine learning is a broader field that involves training models to make predictions or perform tasks based on patterns in data. Generative AI emphasizes content generation, while machine learning has a wider range of applications.

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