There is now a shift happening towards a world where there will be billions of connected devices to the Internet (Internet of Things). These connected devices can be in buildings, cars, manufacturing plants, or bridges.  Of course, there are sensors already today collecting data every second and transmitting them to systems in the backend.

The Internet of Things with its connected sensors and networks complements mobile apps. Data from sensors mounted on individual pieces of equipment can be transmitted to systems like SAP Plant Maintenance via mobile apps leveraging Bluetooth. The data could also be transferred to the cloud where analytics can be performed on the Big Data to generate a more proactive and effective Predictive Maintenance strategy.

What makes the Internet of Things (IoT) exciting at this time is the sheer scale –we are talking billions of connected devices, and the converging technologies that have arrived which promise to transform business and our lives. We could be wearing monitors that sense our health parameters and alert us and our doctors about any impending health event or we could have Machine to Machine (M2M) integration that can create new processes or enhance existing ones.

Unvired has many of the components to enable the IoT. The Unvired Mobile Platform (UMP) allows for M2M communication. Data is transmitted securely from anything/device to any system. UMP encrypts all data for security purposes. UMP also has an Application Development Framework to rapidly build applications for IoT. UMP enables process integration with backend systems like SAP, Oracle, or CRM systems like UMP leverages the cloud for scalability and has an analytics app that can render data analytics visually for enhanced decision making.


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