Android App to Enhance Retail (Convenience Store) Operations at Scanning Solutions

Unvired delivered Android App (for tablet) to enhance convenience store Operations.

Industry– Retail/Convenience Store

Solution– Android Application to enhance Retail Operations.

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Business Challenges

  • Paper-based Convenience Store processes.
  • Need to better Manage Inventory & Price Changes.
  • Inefficient work processes- Delivery Creation and Items maintenance.
  • Need to track Lottery books and sales.


  • Mobile App to enhance the following operations:
  • Delivery Creation:
    • Access all the account and vendor details.
    • Add the items for delivery from the existing list or by scanning through the barcode.
    • Accept a list of items and create a delivery list in the backend through mobile.
  • Item Maintenance: Scan the barcodes to add, update or remove the items.
  • Inventory Management: Manage inventory, count the items, and manage price changes.
  • Lottery Management:
    • Manage lottery book sales in different areas such as instant period sales, online machine sales, and online period sales.
    • User scans a lottery book to write an entry into the app.
    • Once all the books scanned, the user will mark it as a lottery book sold out then it will sync with the server.
  • Integration between mobile app and backend system via Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform (UDEP).
  • Integration with Barcode Scanner.
  • Works Offline.
  • The solution deployed on Microsoft Azure.
  • Mobile Devices: Android Tablets


  • Enhanced Convenience Store Operations.
  • More Accurate Inventory Management.
  • Increased Data Integrity between systems.
  • Enable better Decision Making for Store Owners.
  • Decrease Loss (theft) in the Lottery business.

About Scanning Solutions

Scanning Solutions offers back-office software for convenience stores, c-stores, gas stations, and other retailers.