Sales Chatbot to automate Sales-system Interaction at a Global Beverage company

Chyme Salesbot acts as a personal assistant to automate Sales System Interaction at a Global Beverages Company.

CPG Leader

Industry: Beverage

Solution: Natural language and AI-enabled Sales bot to automate Sales- system interaction using Workplace by Facebook.

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Business Challenges

  • When a salesperson is visiting a customer, they call the central Helpdesk to obtain the relevant information regarding key metrics.
  • Lower Sales productivity as the salesperson has to wait to get the information as Helpdesk operators have to access different systems.
  • The salesperson has to manually create the new leads and update the lead status in the Sales/CRM system.
  • Difficult for the sales team to manage meeting calendar & daily activities when on a field trip.
  • Reactive decisions based on outdated information.
  • Enable the sales team with a text interface to access information.


  • AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enabled Chatbot/Conversational Interface for the sales team to access relevant information for better decision making.
  • Integration with SAP ECC 6.0 (SD module) & SysPro.
  • Chatbot enables access to critical sales metrics like the stock list, revenue, receivables, market share, product information, and more.
  • Chatbot leverages Machine Learning and shares with sales personnel (based on their location, and the customers they are going to meet) key information like credit history, outstanding amount and payment terms, etc.
  • Out of the Box Integration with Workplace by Facebook.
  • Security Features: Bot to verify the user via a One-time password (OTP) sent through registered email id/mobile before sharing any information.
  • Mobile Devices: Android & iOS Smartphones & Tablets.
  • Technology: Chyme Bots Builder, Conversation Builder, Award-winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Open source AI/Machine learning tools.


  • Sales Chatbot acts as a personal assistant to automate sales system interaction.
  • Focus on sales and leave the CRM system interaction to the Chatbot.
  • Increased Productivity of the sales team- check account information/manage schedules.
  • Proactive alerts help the sales team to make informed decisions.
  • Reduced Sales Help Desk support hours & cost of repetitive tasks.

About Customer

A global leader in the Beverage industry based in South Africa.