Mid-stream (Oil and Gas) company Deployed Unvired Safe Work Permit App to enable Digital Workflow

Mid-stream (Oil and Gas) company in Canada deployed the Unvired Safe Work Permits app (powered by Unvired Turbo Apps) to digitize paper-based Forms and enable Digital Workflow.

Midstream Oil and Gas Company

Mid-stream (Oil and Gas) Company

Company– Mid-stream Company from Calgary, Canada

Industry– Oil & Gas

Solution– Unvired Safe Work Permits app powered by Unvired Turbo Apps.

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Business Challenges

  • Inefficient work processes – manual data entry.
  • Enable digital workflow for quick authorizations.
  • Lack of data validation & consistency in data capture
  • Lack of real-time data & insights


Converted paper-based Work Permit Forms and enabled Digital Workflow using Turbo Apps

  • Supervisors share the form with external contractors using the Turbo Apps portal.
  • External contractors fill Work Permit on mobile and send to Permit Issuer (Supervisors) for review and signature.
  • Once the Permit Issuer signs the permit, the permit is sent back to the receiver (external contractors).
  • After work is done, the Permit Receiver signs the permit to notify the Issuer that the work is completed.
  • Permit Closure: The permit issuer signs the permit. A notification is sent to the receiver that the permit is now closed.
  • Dynamic forms- hide or show forms based on risk level
  • Hot Work, Cold Work, Confined Space & more.
  • Attach documents/pictures
  • Electronic Signatures


  • More Efficient Permitting process
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Maintenance/Repairs completed quicker
  • More efficient audits

About Customer

Mid-stream Oil and Gas company based in Calgary, Canada.