Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform (UDEP) is a mobility, offline, digitization and integration platform to create the Digital Enterprise easily and affordably. Mobilize business processes and data from various enterprise back-end systems to all leading mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and Web. Unvired Digital Enterprise Platform (UDEP) helps Digitize Business Dashboards, Sales, Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Retail, Production, Customer Relationship Management, Finance, HR and other processes using UDEP. Build rich HTML5 apps once and deploy them online (web) and offline (mobile), true build once deploy anywhere!

Unvired understands that customers would like to minimize the number of platforms that are run in their enterprises. Our customers have demanded a single platform that can meet all their digital, mobility and integration needs. We are proud to announce that we have achieved all these in UDEP:

  • Mobile Application Development Platform
  • Mobile Backend As A Service (MBaaS)
  • Offline and Conflict Resolution Framework
  • Internet of Things Platform
  • Digital Platform