Srinidhi- Employee Story

Srinidhi Rao

Director of Software Development

A great workplace where you get to work on all aspects of product development and are not just limited to writing code

Ten years ago, one of the co-founders interviewed Srinidhi and he was offered a job on the same day. He joined us as a fresher and recollects it was a slightly shaky start, but he could make sense of things around six months into work.  

He started with training in BlackBerry Development using Java, a very hot topic then. Then he moved on to learn and work with other emerging technologies such as Adobe Flex, ActionScript, native iOS development, HTML, JavaScript, Ionic, Angular, React JS, and then Hybrid mobile apps. He has worked on various projects like Unvired products, customer projects, POCs for potential customers, IoT devices such as iBeacon, and Healthcare applications.

Apart from the technical knowledge acquired, he also greatly benefitted from personal development. Be it communication skills, a sense of commitment & responsibility, discipline in whatever you do, and using your full potential to get the job done, and skills like mentoring and project management. As part of one of the projects, he undertook international travel that helped him progress from a programmer to interfacing with customers to understand how to solve real-world problems more efficiently with the help of technology. Eleven years down the line, Srinidhi is an asset to Unvired as he takes on the role of Director of Software Development. 

A typical workday for Srinidhi: 

Srinidhi likes to organize his day by putting out a to-do list of things to work on. He then oversees and coordinates with his team to see what they’re working on and if they need any help. He suggests any changes or fixes as required and then attends meetings for the rest of the day. At times, he also gets his hand dirty writing & debugging code.  

The best thing about working at Unvired: 

Being appreciated for the work you do and the challenging environment that gives you opportunities to punch above your weight is the best thing about Unvired for Srinidhi. 

One aspect that I particularly like about Unvired is the constant focus on learning new technologies and skills. I have always received the support which has driven me to explore new areas.

Unvired’s Work Environment: 

 A leadership that pays attention to your needs and acts accordingly. Transparency of information shared across teams that strive to scale new heights of excellence. And most of all, a place where you learn by failing, experimenting, and trying new things.

Overcoming Challenges: 

When Srinidhi started his career right after college, he found the transition to a work environment challenging. He overcame his hurdle of communicating the problems clearly with the support he received from his managers and by simply observing and following their steps.  

What would you tell someone joining Unvired?  

“A great workplace where you get to work on all aspects of product development and are not just limited to writing code.” 

I believe we have the right mix of talent to take the company forward to achieve its goals.

When Not At Work: Srinidhi’s Not At Work fun is, in fact, that part of the day during his time at work when he enjoys the daily ‘non-technical conversations’ with our CTO, Srini.