Clean/Inspect/Lubricate/Tighten (CILT) is a critical maintenance process that helps to keep equipment in optimal condition and prevents breakdown. However, capturing and utilizing data from CILT tasks can be a major challenge in traditional paper-based environments. Lack of visibility into completed tasks, delayed issue resolution, and inconsistent work practices can hinder Operator productivity and impact overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Join us for an insightful upcoming webinar on Tue, June 13, as we explore the significance of the CILT process in autonomous maintenance and introduce Unvired CILT Pro, our powerful solution designed to enhance your equipment efficiency, collaboration and real-time data capture.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Introduction to CILT processes: The role in preventing breakdowns
  • Eliminate paper-based challenges: Embrace the power of digital
  • Unvired CILT Pro: Unleash the capabilities, embrace success
  • Real-life customer case study: Learn from a CPG Manufacturing Company
  • Implementing CILT in your workplace: Best Practices & Actionable Strategies
  • Demo: See Unvired CILT Pro in action
  • Interactive Q&A session

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