Clean/Inspect/Lubricate/Tighten (CILT) is a critical maintenance process that helps to keep equipment in optimal condition and prevents breakdown. However, capturing and utilizing data from CILT tasks can be a major challenge in traditional paper-based environments. Lack of visibility into completed tasks, delayed issue resolution, and inconsistent work practices can hinder Operator productivity and impact overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Watch our on-demand webinar as we explore the significance of the CILT process in autonomous maintenance and introduce Unvired CILT Pro, our powerful solution designed to enhance equipment efficiency, collaboration, and real-time data capture.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to CILT processes: The role in preventing breakdowns
  • Eliminate paper-based challenges: Embrace the power of digital
  • Unvired CILT Pro: Unleash the capabilities, embrace success
  • Real-life customer case study: Learn from a CPG Manufacturing Company
  • Implementing CILT in your workplace: Best Practices & Actionable Strategies
  • Interactive Q&A session

Hope you find this webinar insightful. Contact us at or request a POC of Unvired CILT Pro if you would like to learn more.