Maintenance, Operations, and Reliability teams in asset-intensive companies face plenty of challenges like unplanned downtime, inefficient work processes, safety concerns, poor data quality, and high operational costs. An effective Mobile EAM solution can overcome these challenges and help your business evolve from manual, paper-based maintenance processes to a Connected Digital Plant.

Watch this webinar in which Unvired’s Technology Evangelist, Praveen Kale shares insights on how Unvired mobile EAM solutions integrated with Digital Forms increase plant uptime and enhance safety. In this webinar, we demo and discuss:

  • Mobile Work Orders: Execute Operations, Map-view, attach pictures, signatures, and more
  • Mobile Operator Rounds/Inspections: Create notifications, Capture measuring points, & more
  • Digital Work Permits: Associate permits with work orders, enable workflow, and enhance safety
  • Digital/Mobile Forms: Convert Safety/Inspections/Checklists paper forms to digital with No Code-Drag & Drop Form Builder.
  • Questions & Answers

Hope you find this webinar insightful. Contact us at or request a live demo if you would like to learn more.