Are you ready to embrace the future of asset management? Watch our insightful on-demand webinar featuring renowned SAP EAM expert and thought leader Norm Poynter, Director of Asset Management Advocates, and Praveen Kale, VP of Unvired, where we explore how cutting-edge technologies (AI, ML, Generative AI, and Predictive Analytics) are transforming asset maintenance operations, enabling automatic damage assessment, reducing costs, and enhancing Safety.  

Webinar Agenda:  

  • Insights on Current industry challenges and Best Practices.
  • The Evolution of Maintenance Strategies in the Digital Age
    • How digital maintenance is redefining traditional maintenance approaches. 
    • The impact of Mobility and AI on optimizing maintenance processes.
  • Leveraging AI for Predictive Maintenance (30 minutes)
    • Role of AI in enabling predictive asset maintenance
    • The potential of Generative AI: Virtual Maintenance Assistant  
  • Enhancing User Experience with Conversational UI 
    • Proactively suggest to User   
    • Discover how conversational UI simplifies data capture, accelerates information search, and enhances user productivity. 
  • ML-Enabled Damage Assessment: A Game-Changer 
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Interactive Q&A

Hope you find this webinar insightful. Contact us at or request a POC if you would like to learn more.