Did Google Make your Heart Flutter?

Yes, we are not going to discuss romance here!  We are talking about Flutter, the new UI toolkit to build native apps for both iOS and Android from a single codebase. Our technical team at Unvired has evaluated Flutter and we think that this is a good way to build cross-platform native apps. Here are our initial thoughts:
  • Open Source and Free: We like the fact that it is open source and free.
  • Native Performance: We find that the performance is faster than hybrid mobile apps (as expected, but good to confirm).
  • Fast: Development is faster.
  • User Experience: It is possible to build UI that delivers an enhanced user experience or in Google’s words–beautiful apps.
Companies like Capital One, Alibaba, Tencent, and Google Ads are already using Flutter. It may be a good alternative to Xamarin. We are going to adopt Flutter. I am looking for feedback from people who have built apps using Flutter.
Pl. write to us at sales@unvired.com if you want to share some feedback or talk to us to build beautiful apps for your organization.
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