Enterprise Mobile Applications: Try & Buy

Are you considering mobilizing business processes on smartphones and tablets? Are you evaluating a mobile platform? Are you considering a proof of concept? Proof of concept is a huge waste of money, resources and time.

At Unvired we are redefining ‘Try & Buy’ in the area of enterprise mobility. Our ‘Try & Buy’ works as follows:

  • We enable you to try the mobile application and platform with your own enterprise systems and mobile devices.
  • You can sign up with Unvired for a free trial using a link from our website.
  • At Unvired we have standard mobile applications based on multiple enterprise systems, industry verticals and horizontal business processes. You can choose the scenario/application that suits them. Find the list of standard Unvired mobile applications here.
  • Point the mobile platform to your enterprise systems and your mobile devices. (If you are worried about exposing your enterprise systems to the internet then use the Unvired Secure Agent to keep your enterprise systems behind your firewall.)
  • Unvired standard mobile applications are available on the online application stores of the all leading mobile platform vendors: Ex: Apple iTunes, Google Play, etc. Download the required mobile applications on your mobile devices.
  • Login to the mobile device and start using it. Yes, this is it!
  • Your free trial with your enterprise systems and your mobile devices in less than a day!
  • Buy the mobile applications at the end of the free trial period if you are happy.

Do not waste your time talking to salespeople, installing servers and building a costly proof of concept. Sign up and start using the mobile application using the link.

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