Unvired CRM for SAP CRM

We have released our first version of Unvired CRM for SAP on iPad today. Unvired CRM on iPad brings SAP CRM to the iPad. Unvired CRM enables sales executives to improve customer engagement, increase sales and boost productivity.

Sales executives can get timely information about their customers on the iPad, use the maps to locate the customers and plan their visits. The product catalog can be used to share product information with customers. Leads, opportunities and activities are pushed to the iPad so that the sales executives can follow up with customers effectively.

In an event or during a regular customer visit capture leads, opportunities and activities seamlessly on the iPad and assign it to your colleagues for follow up. Don’t wait till the event is over to organize the business cards, recollect the conversations and then enter the leads and opportunities into the SAP system.

Organize your activities like tasks, meetings, phone calls and emails ensuring that every piece of information about the sales is captured for immediate and future reference.

Unvired CRM for SAP CRM is based on the powerful Unvired Mobile Platform that runs both on the cloud and on-premise. You can try this application with your SAP CRM system and your iPad in less than a day by signing up for a free trial!

Unvired CRM can also be tried in a demo mode without SAP CRM connectivity by downloading it from the online app store.

Empower. Engage. Win.

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