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Popular Use Cases

Democratize the process of app development by leveraging visual low-code tools to build multi-experience apps for any use case, any industry fast.

Mobile Data Collection

Capture rich & accurate data for any business process on any mobile device and send it to the back-office systems, cloud, or stakeholders in real-time.

Inspections & Audits

Inspect equipment, facilities, or objects and share measurement readings and contextual data to enterprise systems and supervisors in real-time. Detailed inspection reports with photos and attachments, GPS capture, timestamp, and digital signatures can be created quickly for audits.

Installation & Maintenance

Enable field technicians to access work orders with safety manuals/ standard operating procedures to perform complex installation & maintenance. Features such as auto-populate, validation checks, GPS capture, time stamp, and digital signatures help to enhance compliance.

Field Service

Enable field technicians to perform to access work orders, book time spent, create an invoice, quotes, and request parts. Create custom workflows to share the submitted data/reports in real-time to initiate follow-ups, request approvals, and more.

Enterprise Asset Management

Streamline asset maintenance processes and optimize asset performance while meeting regulatory compliance. Features such as offline functionality, photo capture, geo-tagging, RFID/barcode scanning helps to increase field workers’ productivity.

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance

Perform safety & process audits, monitor risks & occupational health, and comply with regulatory guidelines. Access service manuals/guides, capture GPS and time stamps, associate digital signatures, and share real-time reports for actionable insights.

Safety Checklists

Monitor safety risks, work permits, and health hazards in real-time to enhance safety and compliance. Easily create checklists, configure workflows, dispatch to the field workers, and launch follow-up tasks to mitigate risks.

Safe Work Permits

Enable Operations and Maintenance to collaborate during the Work Permit processes. Fill in Lock Out / Tag Out Forms, automate workflows for job authorization, and attach documents or images to enhance safety and compliance.

Accident/Incident Reporting

Enable workers to report accidents/incidents through mobile devices. Capture images, annotate, and send a push notification for emergency response and corrective measures.

Fleet Management

Enable drivers and field workers to perform vehicle inspections, damage assessment, and generate repair estimates, and launch follow-up tasks. Features such as photo capture annotations, geo-tagging, and offline functionality help to quickly report the issue and minimize downtime.

Appraisal Services

Enable the property and automobile appraisers to perform damage assessments, capture photos with annotations, and generate repair estimates through any mobile device or web browser.

Small Business/Accounting

Enable your field workers to send estimates and invoices to customers, accounts, and back-office systems directly from the field using mobile devices. Features like capture photos, time, and GPS stamps, and hide and show rules help to track the field activity.

Quality Assurance

Perform scheduled quality checks and comply with strict quality standards. Highlight defects using image capture and annotations and send them to the production team to take corrective actions.


Get the pulse of your customers, employees, and target entities by running surveys. Build surveys using drag and drop form builder and share them with participants to enter data using any mobile device or web browser.

Workflow Approvals

Leverage mobile apps to accelerate approvals of workflow documents like purchase orders, purchase requisitions, travel requests, travel expenses, claims, and more through mobile devices anytime anywhere.

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Customer Success Stories

  • SAP Plant Maintenance
  • Midstream Oil and Gas Company
  • Global Manufacturing Company

    Global Manufacturing Company Digitized Work Permit Forms using Turbo Apps.

  • Mid-stream (Oil and Gas) Company

    Mid-stream (Oil and Gas) company Deployed Unvired Safe Work Permit App to enable Digital Workflow.

  • Leading Tank Storage Company

    A Large Tank Storage Company Digitized Paper-based Forms to Enhance Workers Safety & Compliance.

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