AI-enabled Chatbot for Customer Service at a Leading CPG Company

Chyme Chatbot Integration with Facebook Messenger for Customer Service at a Leading Consumer Products Company.

CPG company in Russia

Industry: Consumer Products

Solution: Natural language and AI-enabled Chatbot via which customers can receive Customer Service via Facebook Messenger.

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Business Challenges

  • Need to increase Customer Engagement with the Brand.
  • Improve customer service experience and align with customers who have embraced text/messaging apps.
  • Rapid resolution of customer queries related to product information, schedule appointments for customers, and help the customer find the nearest store.
  • Seeking a better way to gather and analyze customer feedback.


  • A Conversational Interface for customers to interact with customer service.
  • Chatbots to locate the nearest store, schedule appointments and search for product information
  • Knowledge Base Search: AI-powered bots provide the most relevant solution to users’ problems based
    on historical effectiveness.
  • Handover to Human Agent: When Chatbot cannot solve the problem, the conversation is handed over to a human via a ticket with the chat transcript.
  • Out of the Box Integration with Facebook Messenger.
  • Omni-Channel Experience: iOS, Android & Webchat
  • Technology: Chyme Bots Builder, Conversation Builder, Award-winning Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Open source AI/Machine learning tools.


  • Increased Marketing/Brand Awareness
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Rapid resolution of customer queries and enhanced customer loyalty
  • Reduced support hours & cost of repetitive queries.

About Customer

Leading Consumer Products company based in Russia.