One of the business processes that can greatly benefit from mobile apps is the area of Asset Management. Utilities have far-flung assets in areas with no Internet connectivity in many cases. It is very important to keep these assets up and running as they provide vital services. When an outage does occur, services need to be restored as quickly as possible. Assets like sub-stations, transformers, lines, or poles need to be Inspected and Repaired on a routine basis. Spare parts inventory levels need to be checked before workers are dispatched to repair equipment.  Mobile apps can enable all these Inspection and Repair processes to be completed using mobile devices instead of on paper. Environment, Safety, and Health (ESH) forms can also be filled out on tablets or smartphones instead of paper forms.  This allows for data analytics that can lead to better preventive maintenance and reporting for audits. Map views of the assets can be provided on tablets enabling route optimization using GPS that allows greater efficiencies. The mobile apps need to have the ability to function offline as there is no connectivity in many cases. When connectivity is restored, the data needs to sync up automatically with Asset Management systems like SAP Plant Maintenance or IBM Maximo.

Customer Success Stories

WEL Networks deployed Unvired Rounds & Work Orders Application for SAP Plant Maintenance

WEL Networks deployed Unvired Workflow Application for PO Approvals

Customer Testimonial

At WEL Networks we are always looking at innovative ways to deliver best in safety, best in service. This trial was extremely successful and it gave our Executives hands-on experience with the Unvired application before selecting Unvired and Cirrotec as our mobile solution providers. Having the ability to approve purchase orders away from their desks simplifies and streamlines the PO approval process, driving commercial efficiencies. In addition to deploying the Workflow App, we are also developing a custom Windows 8 tablet application for our field workforce, integrating with SAP Plant Maintenance with the Unvired Mobile Platform.

Mike Lamb

CIO, WEL Networks

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