Create Computer-based Procedures for Mobile Workforce

Digitize paper-based work instructions, procedures, documents, and forms for mobile work management.

Create Computer-Based Procedures using Drag & Drop

Transform your paper-based work instructions, procedures, documents, forms, drawings, equipment datasheets, and media into Computer-Based Procedures (CBPs) to improve data quality, efficiency, and minimize the risk of human errors.

Enterprise-Grade Features

  • Embed contextual information such as drawings, procedures, forms, equipment datasheets, links, and videos, etc.
  • Work Offline
  • Conditional Logic – Hide or show steps based on user input.
  • Embedded Calculator to perform calculations on user input.
  • Alert users when procedure steps or conditions have been violated.
  • Set the rule for custom data validations to capture error-free data.
  • Just in Time Training using audio and video
  • Rich Media – Access images, videos, attachments, scan RFID and barcodes, auto-capture time & location data.
  • Pre-populate:  Populate pre-filled documents/data from sources like SAP, IBM Maximo, and others.
  • Enable team collaboration by setting up custom workflows like sharing of forms, review & approvals, and shift handoffs, etc.
  • Create Notifications in SAP from digital Forms/Procedures
  • Digital Signatures.

Multi-Platform Support

Business Benefits

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