Unvired Mobile Platform: Database Connector

We have added a new enterprise connector to the Unvired Mobile Platform to connect to databases directly. The database connector can be used to build mobile applications where the database is the enterprise backend.

Unvired Mobile Platform allows the incremental addition of enterprise connectors and already supports the following connectors.

  • Native SAP (RFCs, and BAPIs) connector
  • Salesforce.com connector
  • Web service connector – SOAP and REST
  • Active directory connector – Microsoft, etc.
  • See the full list of connectors here under ‘Enterprise Systems’.


Database connector enhances the capability of the Unvired Mobile Platform to connect to backend systems that do not expose any interfaces to the outside world. Ex: Closed systems built in proprietary languages, legacy systems, etc.

Customers do not have to depend on their enterprise software vendors to help them expose the data through programming interfaces. Using the Unvired database connector customers can deal with the data in the database directly.

Database connector can also be used with other enterprise connectors in the Unvired Mobile Platform to build composite applications that are based on multiple enterprise systems.

Databases Supported:

Unvired’s database connector supports the following databases currently and shall be extended to other databases.

  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL

How it works:

The database connector allows application developers to work with Java objects (POJOs) instead of using raw SQL statements. Unvired Designer (plugin to Eclipse) helps with modeling the application and generating the source code in Java for all the database operations – select, insert, update and delete. Using the Unvired Designer data modeling can be achieved to map the data from tables into business entities/objects.


The database connector offers the following functionality:

  • Query – Query operations in the database
  • Insert, Modify and Delete – Data manipulation operations
  • Procedure – Execute stored procedures
  • Batch – Execute database operations in batches to bundle multiple operations in batches
  • Native – Execute any SQL statement. Useful for complex operations like nested statements, joins, etc. When the operation requires more native capability than the generated Java objects construct and use the SQL statements directly

We are releasing a few more enterprise connectors shortly. Watch this space for more information.

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